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Firewood Bundles


The equivalent of Four (4) bundles of firewood delivered to your cabin for $25. Orders can be placed online when making online reservations or you may call to place an order no later than 9am the day of your arrival.

Hand Crafted Artisan Chocolates by

Opening a box of Wren Valley Truffles is like stepping back into a time when confections were crafted by skilled artisans. Like generations of chocolatiers before us, each truffle is hand cut, rolled and dressed to perfection. With an exceptionally smooth and creamy rich texture, our mouth-watering truffles will leave no doubt as to why our artisan chocolates offer a taste unlike any other chocolate experience.

Hand crafted with regional ingredients from the Hocking Hills. Treat yourself to something truely delightful! Choose of the follow sampler packages to enjoy in your cabin when you arrive.

Assortment of flavors ranging from Fragrant Truffles infused with floras, herbs and fruites; Savory Truffles with blends of nuts and rich spices or Boozy Truffles inflused iwth a delightful kick. The truffles are presented in an elegant box with decorative bow:
$25: 4 Truffle box
$40: 8 Truffle box

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High Rock Adventures and EcoTours

Our towering sandstone cliffs, rock halls, rock squeezes and beautiful wooded areas will leave you with a natural high you won't soon forget.

HOCKING HILLS ROCK CLIMBING at HIGH ROCK Adventures is home to beautiful natural sandstone cliffs and rocks with climbing routes for all skill levels and cliffs from 35 feet to just under 100 feet. We are the first and only on-site guided Hocking Hills rock climbing tours. On your way to the climbing areas through fern-covered mature forest, your guide will share interesting tidbits about native plants, trees and the geology that make the Hocking Hills so awesome. No matter if this is your very first climb or you’ve climbed for years, our guides will match your skill level for an amazing climbing experience at High Rock Adventures in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. Advance reservations are suggested for best rates, skill level match and to avoid an extended wait during peak times. We provide experienced guides, safety briefing, training, and all the equipment. [Age, weight, and mobility restrictions apply, see High Rock Tour Qualifications.]

HOCKING HILLS ROCK RAPPELLING at HIGH ROCK Adventures is the first and only on-site Hocking Hills rappelling tour company. Take a tour of some of the most scenic views in the Hocking Hills…and jump off of them! Our rappelling tours offer a great blend of nature and adrenaline. We’ll show you around the forest and guide you through rappelling down cliffs and rock formations nearly 100 ft. tall. Rappelling tours are a great way to see several different areas from a one-of-a-kind perspective. Rappelling is less physically demanding than rock climbing but doesn’t sacrifice any excitement. All rappels use top-anchored ropes and are led by two guides, one top side and one below. We provide all required equipment at no additional charge. No experience is necessary. We suggest advance reservations to limit your wait during peak times. [*Age, weight, and mobility restrictions apply, see tour qualifications.]

HOCKING HILLS EcoTours Discover first hand that “Nature Rocks!” on our incredible Eco Adventure and Rock Challenge Tours. Be immersed in the beautiful fern-covered mature forest, surrounded by amazing rock formations, while learning about area geology, history, and the many unique plants and majestic trees. Experience the challenge of incredible rock features including rock halls, squeezes, tunnels, narrows and scrambles. We combine an environmentally conscious experience with the beauty of the Hocking Hills on private, pristine land not viewable by the public until now. Our Hocking Hills Ecotours will allow you to challenge yourself and walk away with a new appreciation for protecting this ecosystem, and other great natural areas, while having the time of your life!

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